Monday, 19 September 2011


Why love Blair Waldorf?

Just to name a few reasons:

- Her headbands. They are kindda her trademark & they look so good on her!

- She wears colourful tights and it doesn't even look silly :D

- She has a closet that looks like this :o

- Chuck loves her

-When she smiles, she shows all her teeth (I love it when people smile like that :-).

- She never dresses down, she is always impeccably dressed. She is all style & elegance.

- She eats Ladurée macaroons (nom nom, I LOVE them;)

- She and Dorota are so silly together:) She is like Blair's little spy :D

- She loves her coats.

- She is best friends with Serena.

- She is "Queen Bee".

Credits: CW, weheartit


Tinna said...

se strinjam z vsem <3

mmmBop said...

Lajkam čisto vsako sliko!
Še dobro, da bomo od naslednjega torka vsak teden dobile novo dozo Blair<3

Iraya said...

love the post

xo I.

cvetka said...

thanks Iraya ;D

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