Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Everything knit

Autumn is quickly approaching...you can feel that in the early morning or late at night when it gets quite cold. Today I rode my bike to work and almost froze my ass off wearing just light blazer and open gladiators...brrrrrr...I kind of wished for a warm sweater :S 

Knits are big in autumn and winter months because they provide enough heat for your body not to freeze and on top of that, they are really stylish too. I love knits: big chunky sweaters, scarfs...not to mention cute caps and gloves.

Here's little knit inspiration post...I would love to own everything in this pictures....including knit cupcakes :D

Credits: TheFashionSpot, Weheartit, 5 inch and up


Molly Abigail said...

Awh. Volneni mafinčki, super :)

cvetka said...

Aneda..mafinčki so najjači :D

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