Monday, 24 October 2011

Milky Way

When I was thinking how to name this post I thought of Milky Way....mmmm, I used to love that chocolate, but I haven't eaten it for ages now. 

When I was little I had a special ritual when I ate it: I took little spoon and slowly ate the white inside of the chocholate and I didn't start with the outside until it began to crumble. It was so good & lasted for quite long for such a small piece of chocolate.

Now that I thought of it, I'm kindda craving it, haha :P

(Please don't mind the hair, they are blah)

Zara blazer
Asos snood
Boohoo shirt
Zara belt
New Yorker shorts
Top Shop tights
New Yorker shoes
Buffalo bag


Miss Ewig said...

Oh! I love that ice-cream... Its soo good!
I love the shirt!

Have a nice week!

cvetka said...

Yeah, it's delicious :P thanks Miss Ewig!

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