Monday, 24 October 2011

Oxford shoes

I love Oxford Shoes. They are trendy, comfy, stylish, go with everything, you can wear them in any weather... They do look kind of manly but I think it depends on the way you style them.  

Mine Oxfords are worn out to the limit my own mother refuses to be seen with me if I wear them (no, really, they are quite nasty). It was time for a change but I couldn't find the suitable replacement...till today :) I was so happy when I saw them & they were destined to go with me. The good thing is that the sole is quite compact, so I can continue to wear them anytime I want. And they were really cheap too (double win :P)

In the future I would love to own this classic black and white version of Oxfords.

The old ones are already in the trash can, if you are wondering ;)


Boombox said...

Sooo stylish!!

cvetka said...

Thanks Boombox, i love them too ;)

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