Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Here are some random pictures from today.

Sorry, I was too lazy to take picture of my entire outfit, you only have a sneak peek :S 

I ate yummy desert my mom made from blueberries :P

 Sneak peek
Me at lunch (this is my relaxed look, messy hair, confused look in my eyes :P)

 My new zebra cover for my mobile

My friend got me new jammies, it's so cute! Thank you Maja!

& I cleaned my shoe closet and found some shoes I am not wearing, so I'm selling them.

If you are from Slovenia and you are interested in buying contact me :)
Price for each pair is 10 euro + postage (2 euro, I think ;). All of them were worn one, maybe 2 times max.

1. Deichmann 38, 2. Humanic 37, 3. Asos 5, 4. Zara 38 (leather) 


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