Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Rihanna's designing for Emporio Armani

Rihanna's collaboration with Armani dosen't include just modeling for them and being the face of the brand, she also designed a capsule collection (just a few pieces) for Emporio Armani. 

As Armani spokesperson said, this collection is: 'Positive with a slightly rock feel, fabulously sexy with a strong masculine edge.'

The collection includes two T-shirts, two pair of jeans, a black leather biker jacket and a bag.

Pieces are quite basic and easy to incorporate into anyones wardrobe. My two favourites are blue jeans and white R T-shirt (picture below the sketch).

Part of the outcome

Credits: TheCut, DailyMail


lisa signorini said...

cool collaboration!

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sandryca said...

jeanske so hude!

cvetka said...

Hude, hude, se strinjam!

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