Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Winter parka

I am looking for a 'military' winter jacket. I used to think this kind of jackets were too casual, but they go so well with leather pants and knitwer, it made me change my mind.

- be cute
- be olive green
- be warm
- cover my behind ;)
- be with hood

I found these babies online, but I would rather buy it in person, so I have the opportunity to try it on.

Let the search begin :D



I love this one with leather details, but it's Zara Kids, so it's probably too small for me  :S

Credits: Asos.com, Romwe.com, Zara.com, HM.com


Live life glamorous said...

Yes good choices! Really like parka's

cvetka said...

Yeah, I love them, they all look so cool:p

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