Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas came early :p

No, not really, but I bought myself an early Christmas present :D I also promised myself not to spend any more except for remaining gifts I have to buy. 

Since I had to return Asos dress and boots I ordered a while ago (everything was too big and the dress was weird on me :S ) I needed new shoes and these Top Shop ones were just perfect. Really well made, all leather and they look almost exactly like Acne Pistol boots except they are way more affordable :)

Roses sweater from Romwe was on my wish list for a while now, but it was constantly sold out. Yesterday I tried my luck and there was only one more piece in stock (I saw in the morning they re-stocked it today) and I saw it as a sign and simply had to order ;) I can't wait to receive it and try it on!



I R E N A.® said...

ej iz kje pridejo stvari iz romwe? pa kako je s poštnino. hvala :)

cvetka said...

Jst sm zdej v bistvu prvič naročala, tko da še nimam preteklih izkušenj ampak tolk vem: poštnina je zastonj ne glede na znesek, mislim pa da so stvari iz USA, tko da bomo vidl kako bo z carino :S Mal tvegam, poročam ko dobim :D

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