Saturday, 21 January 2012

H&M wishlist

All the products below are from Spring 2012 collection. 

I love the color palette! It's full of sorbet, pastel and neon colors to add that 'lil something to any outfit. 

I hope the products hit the stores soon...:p

My favourite piece is lime green dress - perfect for enhancing summer tan :D

This jacket looks like the one from Trend Winter collection. I hope this one is from Regular collection and will be avalible in our H&M (fingers crossed :D).



sandryca said...

Kok huda je una rožasta oblekica.
BTW; Danes sem te vidla pri hali A :) Si šla mimo mene :)))

cvetka said...

aaa, ne me hecat, jst sm pa še dvakrat pogledala, si se mi znana zdela pa nism vedla od kod :) sori, naslednjič pozdravim :D

sandryca said... panike :) naslednjič te pocukam :))

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