Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lord of the rings

Since I had nothing better to do today (being sick and all :S ) I reorganized my jewelry, perfumes and clothes. Rings and necklaces are two of my favorite pieces of jewelry but lately I am kind of neglecting them.

I will try to upgrade myself in accessories department :D

Here are my favorite rings:)

& in their little Ring drawer :p

And I got a present from ''late'' Santa. It's a skirt from Zara.

Yeeey, I love receiving late Christmas presents, because you know, it's never too late for presents :D



Summer said...

Waw, sami lepi prstani <3 Js mam pa tko mini zbirko, moram nujno kupit še kšnega. Js sm tut zbolela, boooo :(

With love, Ana. said...

Lepa zbirka ;)

ss fashion world said...

krasna zbirka prstanov :)

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