Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Isabel Marant-ish

When I saw these babies (left picture), I immediately thought about infamous Isabel Marant Bekker sneakers (two pictures on the right), because the design of the shoe is slightly similar. Except the fact, the ones from Asos don't have the hidden wedge in them, which is a bonus, coz I don't like hidden wedge in my sneakers. And, of course, they are way more affordable, which is also a bonus ;) 

They are currently reduced at Asos, so they are quite a bragain (check here). Can't wait to try them on :D

Credit: Sneakers-isabelmarant.com, ffashionfreak.buzznet.com


Ni Ka said...

love it <3

With love, Ana. said...

Pa res so full podobni! Mi je pa hidden wedge super :)

selma said...

Hude so :) ampak jst bi rajš Isabel Marant Bekker sneakers mela :D hehe

cvetka said...

Uf ja, jst tud, sam ni računice :P

cvetka said...

Aneda ;)

cvetka said...

Ja, men so takoj na Marant-ke asociirale. Jst pa nisem navajena hidden wedge-a, pojma nimam kako bi ga kombinirala ;)

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