Tuesday, 17 April 2012

That's pretty!

Kate Bosworth for JewelMint. 
JewelMint is an exclusive jewelry collection designed by Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter. More about JewelMint jewelry here.

What's so great about it? All of the pieces are really nice and each retails for only $29.99 :D

 Kate Bosworth & Cher Coulter

Credit: TheFashionSpot


With love, Ana. said...

Kakšna lepotička je Kate <3

cvetka said...

Ja res, cel bombonček je ;)

Gita said...

Aaah, Kate, my girl crush ;)!
Super blogec :).


cvetka said...

Hvala Gita in ja, Kate je ultimate girl crush :D

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