Friday, 18 May 2012


I'm packing right now and I am bringing all of these babies with me ;) I love bright colors on my swimmwear, they look really good when you catch some tan. I am keeping my fingers crossed that weather will be nice and I will be able to catch some :D
(white bikini with flowers from Benetton, coral bikini from H&M, light orange bikini from H&M, purple-ish bikini from Benetton & blue bikini with flowers from Yamamay)

I promise I will try to post as often as possible (aka when I'll be able to find wireless connection).

Have fun sweeties and 'ta 'ta :D


karin velikonja said...

Have fun !!:)

M. said...

Uživaj! ;)

Slađi said...

Uzivaj max!!

Maja said...

juuuuj srečnica! :) nekam na sončka greš uživat, kok fajn :) HF! ;)

cvetka said...

hvala hvala hvala, will have fun :P

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