Friday, 29 June 2012

Oh, Cassie

Remember Cassie from Skins? You know...she's thin, she's blonde, she says ''wow'' a lot :D

She was that utterly cute girl that still makes me miss Generation 1 of Skins. Hannah Murray has certainly grown up in past 5 years since Skins Generation 1 ended. She is still a little cutie, but brown haired one, not blond any more. 

I ran across editorial she did for Status Magazine and loooved it, so I simply had to share it with you (even though this is second 'editorial' post in a row :) )

You can read the whole interview here!

Credit: StatusMagOnline


Brenda van noort said...

Love these pictures :)

Penny Wonka said...

Wow, lovely. Ah, Cassie :)

cvetka said...

Yeah they are really nice :)

cvetka said...

Lovely indeed :D

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