Thursday, 30 August 2012

Summer sweaters

One of my 'it' pieces this summer are sweaters, summer sweaters :) They must be made from light knit, and my model of choice is shorter in the front and lower on the back. I also love an open back. I normally go for white color, beacuse it looks good with practically anything. 

Today I wore this black/silver (ish) summer sweater from Zara. And on my way back home I bought another one (blogger doesn't support paperbag smileys otherwise I would use one here ;) )
and my new addition (also from Zara).

Credit: Zara


Mancina said...

super puloverčka, komi čakam da vidim kako drugi zgleda "uživo" =)

Nina said...

fajn outfit. torbico vse popestri.

xoxo, nina

TC said...

I think that the new one looks better. U should show us how it looks on u.


Tesa said...

luškan in js se tut veselim še ta drugega :D

cvetka said...

ja, jst tud komi čakam da ga oblečem :D

cvetka said...

Hvala Nina :)

cvetka said...

I will... :D

cvetka said...

Kmalu, kmalu :D

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