Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cute wedges for 'mua'

I am not a wedge sneaker tipe of person at all, but I had an instant change of heart when I saw these babies on Ebay. 

Aren't they cuuuute? :D I am really excited about them and I am keeping my fingers crossed they arrive soon.

Credit: Ebay


missTin said...

Ful so lepe. Malo me spominjajo na one iz zare... :)

cvetka said...

Hvala missTin :) Ja, malo so res podobne ;)

With love, Ana. said...

Lepi so! :) IM knock off a ne?

cvetka said...

Jp, očiten knock off, ampak ful prepričljiv, vsaj na sliki tako zgleda. Hvala Ana :D

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