Friday, 5 October 2012

Outfit Idea

I bought this sequin top a while ago in our local second hand store. I've been reluctant to wear it, because I had no idea how to style it with lighter, non winter, outfits.
While browsing through Stockholm Street Style (great source of street style inspiration) I ran across this girl with similar top paired with yellow pencil skirt - I loved it! It looks so chic, I'll definitely try that :)

Credit: Stockholm Street Style


Nina said...

i like it. Res, super ideja. :)

xoxo, nina

Maja said...

Stockholm Street Style je vedno poln inspiracije, outfit s fotke je top, this girl know how to do it with style :):) xx

Vaša Anja said...

Super ideja. :)

Evelina Donko said...

Tudi meni je všeč (: In takoj se poslikaj :P


cute blog! I’ll follow you!
I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

cvetka said...

Aneda, meni zgleda super :)

cvetka said...

SSS res nikoli ne razočara, outfit je pa tudi meni top :D

cvetka said...

Se strinjam :)

cvetka said...

Se razume :D

cvetka said...

Oh, thank you Veronica :)
Sure, I'll check out your blog ;D

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