Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Insta lately

I haven't done Instagram post in a here it goes :)
1. Sarči visiting me at work; 2. Delicious deer cake; 3. Me in Grazia, yeeey :D ; 4. I bought this dress in two colours, I loved the fit so much; 5. Nights in Ljubljana; 6. Trying new skincare products always makes me happy :). 

1. I'm in Smrklja magazine, another yeeey; 2. Me and my other better half; 3. At least there is snow on my wrist :P 4. Me wearing Parada necklace - one of my faves lately; 5. The only thing I bought on sales were these boots; 6. Scent obsession - Dolce & Gabbana Intense.

1. Flower dress from Asos; 2. Beautiful Gorenjska; 3. Wearing my new jacket from Promod; 4. Ops bracelet, gift from Sarči; 5. Me & the minion; 6. Outfit post.

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Pink_Diamond said...

kakšna kul torta :) Je bila dobra?:)

cvetka said...

Slastna :P Iz Sladkega kota v BTC-ju ;)

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