Thursday, 8 December 2011

Me 2day

Today was my first time wearing my beauties from Topshop and I must say I looooooove them!

They are really comfy and I was on my feet the whole time and they didn't hurt a bit! I am impressed :D

Pictures are really bright, I didn't realise that until I put them on computer...sorry.
Zara jacket
Zara scarf
H&M sweater
New Yorker pants
Topshop booties


olé Mode said...

Hi darling!!! nice blog and nice boties!!! i follow you!! ;)

If you want you can comment in my blog and if you like, follow me ;)


With love, Ana. said...

Svetovni gležnarji!

cvetka said...

Thanks ole Mode, you're too kind, I am following you too :D

Hvala Ana, ja jst sm tud čist navdušena ;)

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