Friday, 9 December 2011


Lately I am kindda obsessed with silver and gold pieces of clothes. I don't normally wear them, but I love casual outfits with just one silver or gold piece that makes them stand out.

I noticed a lot of bloggers love this silver H&M jacket from Trend. I think it's outstanding and appropriate especially for winter months!

And once again, I regret not having H&M store that carries Trend line in my country (or any near by stores in other countries). Agrrr...

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I R E N A.® said...

ma js sm si hotla kupit v zari, kratko silver sam 100eur za en tak kos, k ni skoz ful IN in trendi mi je brezveze. drugač sm pa tut jst in the silver trend <3 sm si že februarja hotla ubost silver hlače sam jih ni blo nikjer za normalen denar. :)

cvetka said...

Za hlače pejt v NewYorkerja pogledat majo srebrne in zlate iz 40eur na 30znižane, sm jih glih prejšn tedn vidla ;) Ja BZ je tolk keša metat za takšne kose, k jih samo parkrat oblečes ampak so pa vabljivi :P

Kasia W. said...

I also love that sweater but I haven't seen it at H&M!

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